Die Wachstums Industrie der Zukunft? Videospiele!

Bei Businessweek gibt es einen aktuellen Artikel zu einer PWC Studie die den globalen Media Entertainment Markt untersucht. Hier die wichtigsten Informationen aus dem Artikel:

The global video game market, according to PWC, will increase from $25.4 billion in revenue in 2004 to almost $55 billion in 2009, growing at a 16.5 percent compound annual rate
The growth of the console game market, the largest segment of the industry, is dependent on the cycle of new game consoles. …
The next generation of consoles, with their embedded online capabilities, will also have a positive effect on the demand for online games. The migration to broadband Internet connections will enhance the online gaming experience, spurring demand.
The replacement of current wireless telephone handsets with newer models capable of downloading games will be the major influence on the wireless sector.
The fastest growing region for video games, however, is believed to be EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), which is expected to increase by a compound annual rate of 19.1 percent from $6.0 billion in 2004 to $14.3 billion in 2009.

Bei der Aussage zur Entwicklung des Online Gamings, die angeblich durch die Breitband Penetration getrieben wird, k├Ânnte man auch auf die Idee kommen, das Ursache-Wirkungs Prinzip anders herum zu intepretieren. Ohne Content keine Nachfrage nach Breitband.

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Weitere Informationen aus der PWC Studie zum Xbox Live Dienst. Click here

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