March 2010

NPD’s study “Entertainment Trends In Ame…

NPD’s study “Entertainment Trends In America” said that 63 percent of Americans have played a game in the last six months. Just 53 percent have gone out to see a movie during the same time period.


IPTV still has a long way to go. The tec…

IPTV still has a long way to go. The technology had only 5 per cent of the multichannel-TV market and less than 2 per cent penetration of the world’s households, despite services being available in over 50 countries. In many markets, services have simply struggled to make progress against cable, satellite and terrestrial TV competition

Rob Gallagher, principal analyst at Informa


Die Top 50 der deutschen Handelsunterneh…

Die Top 50 der deutschen Handelsunternehmen erzielen bislang nur durchschnittlich zwei Prozent ihrer Umsätze im Internet. Bei kleineren Händlern liegt die Quote etwas höher, sodass insgesamt rund acht Prozent der Umsätze der 130 größten deutschen Einzelhändler aus dem Online-Geschäft stammen

Think of it, how difficult it was to spr…

Think of it, how difficult it was to spread a message like this, before the telephone was invented. Smoke signs, messenger…i’m always amazed if i think about it. You can simple spread information to millions of people worldwide instantly without nearly zero investment. The challenge nowadays is to get the attention of the people, while they drowning in information. Why should they pay attention to you and what you have to say?

Plugg Conference Videos

Quote from the conference website: “Plugg is a one-day conference with a clear focus on celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and raising global awareness for those European start-ups in the Web / Mobile 2.0 field that stand out in the crop.”

Link to the Plugg Conference videos

I love it, when a conference host is offering videos from the sessions. There are numerous conferences scattered around the world every year, if you are not a high profile speaker or VIP (very informative person) you will not make it to attend every conference in person.

“…we advise that you do not use your …

“…we advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies, and not being able to restore certain data.”

Sony –

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