January 2010

Ericssons View – Global Telco Market Development

  • Growth continues, with almost three billion new mobile subscriptions expected through 2014
  • Operators are increasingly focusing on network speed, with HSPA deployed in 130 countries today.
  • There are signs of a shift in focus in the telecom industry from connecting places and people to connecting devices and applications.
  • Mobile subscriptions grew by 163 million in the quarter to a total of 4.6 billion. In India alone, subscriptions grew by some 15 million per month during the fourth quarter.
  • The global number of new WCDMA subscriptions is accelerating and grew by 38 million in the quarter to a total of 452 million, of which 185 million are estimated to be HSPA.
  • In the third quarter, fixed broadband connections grew to 438 million, adding 15 million subscribers.
  • For many large operators, mobile data revenues constitute 25% of total service revenues or more.
  • There is continued good growth in professional services, fueled by operators’ desire to reduce operating expenses and improve efficiency in network operation and maintenance.
  • The move toward all-IP and increased network complexity will create further demand for systems integration and consulting.

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