December 2005

The Battle begins – Microsoft (HD DVD) vs. Sony (Blu-Ray)

This might be one of the most interesting strategic games in the next couple of years. Which of the nextgen High-Definition formats will win the race? Is it Microsofts HD DVD Format or will Sony’s Blu-Ray be dominating.

There is news article on that Microsoft “is muscling into the optical-disk fray by leveraging its operating-system clout to bundle HD-DVD within Vista, the company’s next-generation OS.” Nice strategic move. MS can try to leverage it’s market power in the market for operating systems with the roll-out of their upcoming OS called Vista.
Sony vs. Microsoft

If you want to dig a little bit deeper into the battle of formats then you should also visit They are providing some background informations about the Home entertainment strategy of MS and Sony. The high stakes they are both playing with their next generation console systems. Remember the huge subsidies for every Xbox360 console. There are some rumors floating around on the Inet, that Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) may cost twice as much as the Xbox 360! Crazy.

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Microsoft is making a loss of almost $300 per Xbox360?!

It’s sounds a little bit crazy what is just read on HardwareHell. But they claim, that a source at IBM whispered them quietly that Microsoft is loosing a hell out of money – exactly more then $300 with every Xbox360 sold! That’s very large number in comparison to the first numbers that were circulating on the world wide web.
According to this article from November – the total bill of materials (BOM) cost for the Xbox 360 Premium reaches $525. Which number is right? Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Xbox  Material Cost split

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Omnidrive – Online Storage File Service

OmnidriveTechchrunch has an small article about a online storage file service called Omnidrive. The service is scheduled for launch in January 2006.

Planned features of Omnidrive are:

  • Virtual network driver. You are able to mount Omnidrive as harddrive under windows.
  • Browser Toolbar (Firefox?)
  • built in media player to access media files
  • set upload and download speeds to work in the background
  • Omnidrive will pick up where it left off after rebooting computer
  • RSS for folders
  • tagging of files
  • permanent URL for each file
  • syncing of folders on a hard drive to the Omnidrive
  • each Shared folder has separate access controls

According to Techchrunch the “they will give a gig or two of storage for free, and sell 10 gb bundles above that for “not more thanâ€? $70 per year. That’s pricy, but way below the industry standard right now.”

I mean it’s usefull and i’d like to have the option to access my own files (music, pictures, videos, etc.) from every Inet connected device in the world. But how large is my willingness to pay for such a service? 1-2 Gigabyte isn’t much space. I only need around 20 Gigabytes for my music collection.

From my point of view Google or Microsoft (service bundling with the OS) will provide such a service in the future. Google has the infrastructure, their business is indexing, crawling and selling advertisement space. For example, based on my personal music files/tastes Google will automatically advertise some new CD’s or Artist.

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22nd Chaos Communication Congress (22C3) – Video Stream

Take the chance and watch some of the lectures and sessions from the 22C3 in Berlin as a Inet Video Stream. I’m just watching the keynote speech from Joi Ito. He is talking about the information society and the development of the internet from a closed network, controlled by telco monopolist and IT-companies, to an open network controlled by the community. If you want to get a hint where the web is, where it is going, its current limitations and more, then watch the keynote speech. already covered the keynote speech on their newsticker.

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Software: Stay connected with ‘Hamachi’ (P2P VPN)

It’s always very interesting to find some new pieces of software on the world wide web. This time i found a link to a site called hamachi. It seems to be something like a P2P VPN Client software for windows Linux & Windows. Quote:

With Hamachi you can organize two or more computers with an Internet connection into their own virtual network for direct secure communication.
Hamachi is fast, secure and simple. It is also free. Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking application with an open security architecture and NAT-to-NAT traversal capabilities.

Sounds nice? Perhaps i should give it a try and write a review latter of it.

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Mato’s Blog went online

I just saw a new incoming link to my site…it’s Mato new wordpress powered blog! Some weeks ago Mato asked me what my prefered blogging script is. The answer was fairly easy for me. Go with! it’s free and hosted. You can setup a blog in 5 minutes with absolute no background knowledge about HTML, CSS, FTP, etc. Just sit back and relax. Have Fun and Good Luck Mato!
Btw. Don’t forget to visit dialy. It’s Mathias blog about his daily life experience in Hong kong.

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It’s done – WordPress 2.0 Upgrade

Yes! I’m a little bit proud of myself and the crew behind wordpress. They’ve done an awesome work in the last couple of months. WordPress 2.0 is working fine straight out of the box. No problems, no glitches, no downtime.
The new WYSIWYG Editor is nice and very comfortable but a little bit slow. I hope they will give it a performance boost in the future.

Just playing around with the new editor interface 🙂

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Umstellung auf WordPress 2.0 + Update Theme

Der letzte Eintrag ist schon etwas her und nun habe ich einmal ein wenig Zeit gefunden, um den Blog zu aktualisieren. Ich werde heute damit anfangen und den Blog auf WordPress 2.0 upgraden und das Theme auch ein wenig umbauen. Da es teilweise zu Problemen (Spaltenbreite der Sitebar stimmt nicht) mit der flickr Gallery kommt, ist eine Aktualisierung des Themes zwingend angebracht.

Ich bin einmal gespannt was nachher funktioniert und was nicht. Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen raten mir eigentlich ganz klar ab von solchen Experiementen. Aber da die die Neugier doch einmal wieder größer ist als der Verstand werde ich ein Update wagen. Getreu dem Motto “Never touch a running system”. 🙂

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Ohne Worte – Aber mit viel Inbrunst und Gefühl

Karaoke Action
Das war gestern Abend schon ganz großes Tennis. Mathias, eine Freundin von Mathias und ich bei Red Box. Red Box ist eine Karaoke Bar Kette hier in Asien. Vielleicht sind die auch nur in Hong Kong ansässig. Naja, völlig egal wo nun überall.
Wir haben auf jeden Fall alles gegeben und sind bei A wie ABBA gestartet, weiter mit B wie Beatles, über M wie Madonna bis hin zu W wie Westlife! Total crazy…wenn uns jemand dabei zugehört hat, der tut mir einfach furchtbar leid. Daher möchte ich mich hier noch einmal in aller Form entschludigen. 😉
Eine recht ordentliche Perfomance haben wir hingelegt bei den Beatles (Yesterday, Hey Jude), Eagles (Hotel California), George Michael (Last Christmas) und…Einige Songs wie z.B. ‘Waterloo’ von Abba oder Robbie Williams mit ‘Nan’s Song’ waren allerdings nicht zu bewältigen. Jeder Song in dem das Tempo öfters wechselt oder bei ganz langsamen Balladen mussten wir einfach passen und neidlos anerkennen, wie schwierig eine perfekte Show ist. Damit will ich um Gottes Willen nicht behaupten, dass die anderen Songs von uns besser performed wurden.
Bei Deutschland sucht den Superstar würden wir zweifelsfrei das Prädikat Talentfrei erhalten. Aber der Spaß steht ja bekanntlich im Vordergrund und daher haben wir weiter geträllert bis der Arzt kommt. (Kein Joke. Mathias hat am Ende echt Kopfschmerzen bekommen!)

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