September 2006

High dynamic range imaging – Hong Kong

In computer graphics and cinematography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposures (i.e a large difference between light and dark areas) than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention of HDRI is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to the deepest shadows.

Click here: – Hong Kong

Whoah! Really impressive technique to create stunning art pictures.

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Video: Open Source at Microsoft

I like to listen and learn from people who provide you with interesting insights and a structured approach to explain how things business is working. What drives the competition? What are the strategic options for a company in a certain industry? How do competitive forces effect the industry profitablity? etc.

Bill Hilf

A company that is succesful for more then two decades, is the largest software maker in the world – Microsoft. An interesting questions from a strategic perspective is how MS should deal with Open Source Software providers? Incorporate proprietary standards? Provide API’s? etc. How should the long term strategy look like for MS in regards to OSS? Bill Hilf is General Manager of Platform Strategy at Microsoft and got interviewed by channel9. He provides some very interesting insights. He used a model termed “donut model” to explain the corporate strategy approach of the various industry players in the software market. Don’t missed! 🙂

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T-Home: Entertainment on TV, DSL Telephony & Highspeed Internet

Deutsche Telekom launched it’s T-Home Speed Product site today. Gratulations! The pink color is similiar to my site, but to be honest, in many other factors the site can be improved:

  • color code – black & pink (ok, it’s a personal thing)
  • multitude of footnotes (Where is my lawyer?)
  • giant static banner on the landing page (dead space!)
  • less is more (provider fewer informations at first glance; )
  • complicated pricing scheme (why not providing an interactive calculation tool?)

A suggestition: If your product isn’t following the KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid) principle, you should at least invest enough time & resources in proper sales materials for the point of sale (incl. your virtual POS). Otherwise my mum won’t understand all this.

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An Interesting upcoming IPO – DivX

This will be an very interesting IPO. The hype around video plattforms and online video services is on its heights. DivX is a well known video software tool and recently launched its’s own video portal site Stage6. Let’s wait and see what a fair value is.

DivX, the maker of digital video compression-decompression software, is debuting its IPO next week, with an offering of 9.1 million shares expected to be priced in a range of $12 to $14

Source: DivX Plans IPO of 9.1 Million Shares – MSN Money

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Technological Platform Wars – The Winners & Loosers

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know which technological standard will prevail? For example Linux vs. Windows Vista? Or Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD? DMB vs. DVB-H? Before you start to buy one of these expensive market research studies, take a careful look at Google.

As always, Google provides you with the answer that you need. The search giant has a little niffty service called Googletrends that might give you a hint which technological standard is hot and how the trend looks like. Below you will find some screenshots of prominent concurrent technical standards. Keep in mind that this 1) on a global scale 2) this can only be a proxy indicator.

Battle Nr.1: Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD

Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD

In some kind it’s battle between Next Generation Consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Each one is betting that its disc format (Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD) comes out victorious. Microsoft is in the lead position with it’s headstart with the Xbox360 launch last year. But this means nothing at the moment. Neither the HD-DVD addon Drive for the Xbox360 nor the PS3 are available yet. Therefore time will tell wether Microsoft or Sony will win the race.

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