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FON: The P2P of WiFI

Are you interested to build up a local business as a public WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider)? If your answer is Yes, then click here.

FON is the P2P of WIFI and I want to find the best way to launch FON around Europe and the rest of the world. What is FON? Very simple. At FON we developed a software client that you download from the net and you install it in your wifi base station. At that moment your wifi gives you a password of your choice but starts accepting all the other passwords of all the other FON members.

At the same time what users want is for their laptops, PDAs, wifi phones, and soon wifi enable ipods, wifi enable digital cameras to access to everyone else´s wifi so they can walk around cities taking pictures, listening to music, playing games on wifi playstations, etc. And this we accomplish by turning millions of wifi installations into a unified wifi FON network with a standard interface to accept all kind of wifi enabled devices.

Interesting idea…hopefully this will became come true in the future. Free Internet Access around the world.
Btw. Nokia presented their new Business Handsets called ESeries. All three new mobile Handsets are equipped with a WiFi radio network interface for VoIP over WLAN. Is this first real step from the mobile giant towards Fixed Mobile Convergence Solutions?

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Telcos keep an eye on Google!

Google’s WiFi plans, …It will be interesting to see how Google’s WiFi plans fit into the growth of the hotspot market. If Google does, in fact, roll out its own high-capacity fiber network with hotspots at the edge, will its brand and popularity drive more people into the WiFi market. I’ve got a cautious approach to WiFi given how EVDO is being rolled out by wireless carriers and the rise of WiMax into the wireless mix. One thing to remember with the number of hotspots is how easy and inexpensive they are to set up given all you need to a high-speed connection and wireless router.
Speaking of Google, the company’s no-so-secret telecom strategy became a little more apparent on reports it has leased 270,000 sq. feet of space in a telecom carrier hotel in New York City. Come on Sergei and Larry, tell us what you’re planning!

Source: HotSpot Growth…and Google’s Role – Marc Evans