March 2015


adidas SL Loop Runner 

Added to the Wishlist. Sneakerhead. 


Yoon – Boundaries (Jody Wisternoff Remix). 

Jody Wisternoff is an English electronic music producer and DJ. He is best known as one half of the Bristol-based progressive house duo Way Out West and as a producer of dance music spanning early 1990s hardcore to electro house.

Dubai Marina

Last Thursday in front of me on king fahad road here in Riyadh. An old German neoplan bus. Old is not the right word, I should say historic. The post code at tail is 4-digits, since July 1993 we have 5-digits post code in Germany! So this bus was taken of the streets minimum 21 years ago in Germany. Would love to know what the TÜV would say to this curiosity.

View from the 53 floor over jumeirah.


One of my favorite deep house tracks of 2015 so far. SoulCircuit – The Good Light (ft. Chloe Curran).

Made my choice already: Space Gray 

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The Anjunadeep Edition 42 with Jody Wisternoff

Bristol’s finest, Mr Jody Wisternoff returns to The Deep Edition…

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