January 2006

Update: New Poll and new project

Thanks to all visitors who vote. I will analyse the lastest poll results to draw a conclusion of you typical skype calling pattern. In the mean time you should visit Om Malik again, he has some Skype revenue numbers from the latest ebay earning results.

At the moment it seems like as soon as one project finishes another one starts. Tomorrow is my last day on the current project. My next assignment starts ASAP. Because of this i’m a little bit in a hurry. I have to arrange all the usual stuff: flight booking, filling the travel travel application form, check train schedules to the airport, pack one’s bag, washing clothes, clean up the kitchen…all this ugly stuff.

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Friday the 13th –

I’m a little bit pissed! I bought a new PC Headset from Logitech with a special Skype promotion coupon (120minutes) because the cable of my old headset seems to be broken. But when i tried to cash in the coupon i got the following error message – This coupon already expired! What? I mean it’s a brandnew headset and i decided to pay 4 € extra for this bundle offering.

Ok, lets take a look in the small skype booklet with the coupen code. Some seconds later a tiny little footnote jumps into my eye “…Offer expires December 31, 2005”. My little Friday, the 13th happening

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Artikel (Die Zeit) – Hat das Universum einen Rand?

Sorry, that’s a post only for the german speaking community @dosreis.de

Ok, für alle diejenigen die sich bereits wieder von der Silvesternacht erholt haben und ihrem Geist eine kleine Frischzellenkur verpassen möchten, die können sich ja einmal den Artikel (Die Zeit – Wissen : Hat das Universum einen Rand?) zu Gemüte führen. Ich für meinen Teil habe mich schon öfters mit der Frage der Unendlichkeit auseinandergesetzt. Dieser Artikel strapaziert meine geistige Vorstellungskraft aber doch schon erheblich. Das schöne war jedoch, dass ich das ganze gestern recht praxisnah erlebt habe. Gestern gab es für mich nämlich nur die eine Frage: Halten die Kopfschmerzen womöglich unendlich lange an?

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New poll: Are you using Skype?

First official post in 2006. I just added a new poll questions: Are you using Skype?
I wanted to know a little bit more about you Skype-behaviour. What features of Skype are you using on a daily basis. Is Skype your favorit Instant Messaging application (chatting) or is it more. Are you making voice phone calls with Skype, and are these calls all on-net calls (pc2pc) or also skype-in & skype-out? I would be happy if you answer the question. Hint: The poll is integrated in the sidebar, directly under my flickr photos.

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