May 2008

Dell prepares a competitor for the EeePC

The EeePC established a new product category of small form factor PCs called the “Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC)“. We already have seen some UMPC concepts before, but they were just concepts, never reaching a critical mass. With the EeePC the story is different. The price point was right from day one to hit a sweet spot in the market.

A ultra portable computer that fulfills all the basic requirements (e.g. emailing, instant messaging, voip, browsing, flash support, rich-media play capabilities) with a price tag of 300 € – a new star was born. The EeePc was sold out in the first couple of weeks/months. Asus was not able to satisfy the demand. At the end of 2007 they have sold >300k EeePc’s and are planing to sell millions in 2008.

As always in business. If you are successful, you attract attention and players start to enter the market in order to compete for market share. The newest player in the UMPC arena is Dell. Dell the 800-pound gorilla in the PC industry revealed that it prepares a competitor for the EeePC. There is no price mentioned yet, but i would assume that Dell will have a competitive offer.

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Powerpoint Online – SlideRocket

I’m pretty impressed what possible nowadays with browser based online services like Google Docs or Sliderocket.

Just two weeks ago, I thought that Google Docs is only a simple online version of “Notepad”, that isn’t appropriate to seriously create and manage documents. After playing around with it and testing it on a daily base, i have to admit, that i changed my mind. Google Docs is a formidable competitor to the Microsoft Office Suite. For the majority of the people, who are using just max. 5% of the features of Microsoft Word or Powerpiont, those web-based services are becoming a real alternative – and they are available for free.

You should check the SlideRocket Demo to get an impression what’s possible online.

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F.A.Z.-Gespräch mit Google-Chef Eric Schmidt

F.A.Z.-Gespräch mit Google-Chef Eric Schmidt: „Die nächste große Welle ist das mobile Internet“ – FAZ.NET

Doch Schmidt will mehr: „Die nächste große Werbewelle ist das mobile Internet. Dafür muss man sich nur das iPhone anschauen, das den ersten wirklich guten mobilen Webbrowser hat.

Weitere Geräte kommen auf den Markt. Dann wird Werbung sehr persönlich, und der Wert der Werbung auf Mobiltelefonen wird steigen. In einigen Jahren wird die mobile Werbung mehr Umsatz bringen als die Werbung im PC-Internet“, sagt Schmidt voraus.

Wie lange wird es wohl dauern bis das Mobile Internet die Festnetz Penetration erreicht?

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GTA IV: Biggest entertainment launch of all time

You thought Video Gaming is something for Kids?

GTA IV: Biggest entertainment launch of all time – news –

Game tops $500m in its first week – beating out Harry Potter, Halo 3 and Pirates Of The Caribbean

GTA IV has become the most lucrative entertainment launch of all time – dwarfing best-ever releases in music, video and literature.

Take Two has confirmed that GTA IV sold six million units globally in its first week – with an estimated retail value of more than $500 million.

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