Technological Platform Wars – The Winners & Loosers

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know which technological standard will prevail? For example Linux vs. Windows Vista? Or Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD? DMB vs. DVB-H? Before you start to buy one of these expensive market research studies, take a careful look at Google.

As always, Google provides you with the answer that you need. The search giant has a little niffty service called Googletrends that might give you a hint which technological standard is hot and how the trend looks like. Below you will find some screenshots of prominent concurrent technical standards. Keep in mind that this 1) on a global scale 2) this can only be a proxy indicator.

Battle Nr.1: Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD

Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD

In some kind it’s battle between Next Generation Consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Each one is betting that its disc format (Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD) comes out victorious. Microsoft is in the lead position with it’s headstart with the Xbox360 launch last year. But this means nothing at the moment. Neither the HD-DVD addon Drive for the Xbox360 nor the PS3 are available yet. Therefore time will tell wether Microsoft or Sony will win the race.

Battle Nr.2: DMB vs. DVB-H


Battle Nr.3: Vista vs. Linux

Vista vs. Linux

What’s happening here? Seems to be that the hype around linux has cooled down. On the other hand Microsoft is making inroads with Vista. Microsoft marketing machinery gets rolling and Release Candidates of MS new operating system are seen in the wild.

Battle Nr.4: VDSL vs. ADSL2+


Bringing fibre to the curb in order to setup a VDSL access network requires substantial investments by telco carriers. Many smaller city carriers might refuse current plans for very-high speed access networks based on VDSL. They take upgrade path from ADSL to ADSL2+, hoping that the bandwidth is large enough for attrative Triple Play offerings. Competing on price might be feasable strategy for carriers with ADSL2+ access networks.

Battle Nr.5: Wimax vs. UMTS

Wimax vs, UMTS

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