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Apple iPhone – Simply awesome

There are moments in life were history is made. I think today is such a day. Steve Jobs presented his product vision for a mobile handset during his Keynote for the Macworld 2007. And i have to admit that i’m fully blown away. I mean i have seen a lot of nice electronic gadgets in my life and i self would me describe as geek in terms of cellphones, video games devices, pc’s…but today is the first time since many years that i got this special feeling that something big has happened. The iPhone is absolutely gorgeous. No question, no doubt. Apple has a vision that is far beyond anything that i have ever seen from the Nokia’s, Samsung’s or Motorola’s in the World. But please see for yourself below some of the first pictures:

Apple - iPhone Picture 1
Apple - iPhone Picture 2
Apple - iPhone Picture 3
Apple - iPhone Picture 4
Apple - iPhone Picture 5
Apple - iPhone Picture 6

From the technical specfication it is also amazing. This first iPhone has a Wifi interface, a gorgeous touchscreen, 8gig, bluetooth, quadband GSM + Edge, external Speaker, 3.5mm ear jack, OS X – and it is razor blade thin! The only thing that this device is lacking is a camera.  I have to corret me, based on the information from Heise Online the device has a 2mp Camera module.
Link: Live from Macworld 2007: Steve Jobs keynote – Engadget

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