First Riyadh pictures online

Today is Friday, this mean its weekend time in Riyadh. Nevertheless i made a ride to the office to some work (business & private). On my way to the office i took some photos from Riyadh. These pictures are not vary amazing but probably better then nothing. The quality of the picture is only medicore at best, because i only have my little pocket camera KD-400Z with me.


On the highway making my way to down town riyadh.


One of the several malls in & around Riyadh. I like the carrefour mega-markets.


A little bit of the Skyline of Riyadh. In front you can see one of the two Skyscrapers – The Kingdom Tower.


The architecture of the Kingdom Tower is really amazing! Absolutely fantastic.


The other landmark building is the Al Faisaliah Tower. Again a brilliant piece of architecture. You can find some more pictures in the photo section. I will upload more pictures of the next couple of weeks.

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