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The new wordpress default theme Twenty Eleven is great. Easy customization via child themes.


Me is renovating

As you have probably realized already, i’m doing another revamp of the site. Progress is a little bit slower than i like, but i need to earn for my living. My current project is going towards the end and the team is in crunch mode to put the last missing peaces together, prepare for the upcoming Steering Committee meetings and compile the major deliverable.

Regarding the revamp. I have some ideas in my mind. I planning to have a new landing page, and better integrate the content like youtube, flickr, or This site will become more like hub/stream of my activities. I have already integrated my Twitter stream as you can see. I really enjoy the time to play around with my blog. Helps me to keep up-to-date with the latest developments around web-technologies like HTML5 or Javascript and things node.js or Ruby on Rails. If i would have not studied Business Administration i would probably have gone for Software Engineering.

P.s. Anyone who knows a WordPress plugin that automatically creates links for keywords like twitter, node.js, javascript. I’m a little bit to lazy to create all the links manually.

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Yes i can! revamped

Welcome to Version Xy. I really don’t know how often i have redesigned the site but it seems to be that i am somehow have an obsession for redesigning this site at least once a year. Good to know, that if i would not be working as a consultant I’m at least be able to work as webdesigner.
Last week i installed Xampp on a USB stick, copied all files incl. the database from my hosting account to the stick. I am now be able to work offline on my site when i am on the move. I played a little bit around with the design on the flight back to Munich on Friday and decided to spend some time at the weekend to work on the site. I sat down yesterday for about 6 yours and started to work on the site. All major changes are done already. A little bit of fine tuning here and there in the next couple of weeks.

I changed the overall blog layout a little bit. I moved the sidebar from the bottom of the page to right side and added some new widgets. I also changed the color palette and disabled some plugins that wasted a lot of resources. I hope you like the redesign. I would be happy if you leave me a message as a comment or in the sidebar.
Here is a another video of the day. It’s a piano version of Linkin Park “In the End” performed by David Side. Enjoy!



Added a new section – “Links”

I played a little bit around with wordpress and implemented a section called Links for displaying my blogroll (or called link list). Over the next couple of weeks i will add more and more of my bookmarks in the Links section.

In addition to that, i changed the link color and the background color. Perhaps tomorrow i’m in the mood to switch back to orange…who knows.

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Google Docs Offline Version

Google just released a offline version of Google Docs. It’s always impressive to see how fast Google is releasing updates and new applications.

I have upgraded this Blog over the weekend to the final WordPress 2.5 release. As far as i can see, everything is working fine. I’m very happy that all plugins and my customized theme are working without any glitches.

As promised, i added a new section called “Worth reading” below my Flickr the photo stream. In this section I link to interesting articles that i have discovered on the internet. The technical solution is quite simple, but very intriguing. I’m using the “share this item” feature of the Google Reader. This feature allows you to to share articles with your friends and the public. I simply embedded the RSS feed of the shared page here. Whenever i discover a interesting story on the web i will share it with you.

Btw. I stopped receiving spam by 100% (comments & trackbacks). How? Perhaps a few of you already have discovered it on the comments page, i have installed a captcha plugin. Frankly speaking, i was just tiered of comment spam.


WordPress 2.5 Release candidate 2 is available

I just updated to WordPress 2.5 RC2. Get it now and test it. I also added a new section on the start page, displaying shared items from my Google Reader.

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Design Refresh –

Die einzige Konstante ist die Veränderung. Ich bin zur Zeit dabei ein wenig am Design herumzuspielen. Der virtuelle Tapetenwechsel war angebracht, denn irgendwie war ich mit dem alten Design nicht mehr so richtig zufrieden. Allerdings sind die Änderungen eher minimaler Natur, da ich am grundlegenden Layout (Navigation Bar, rechte Sidebar, 2-spaltig) eigentlich nichts ändern möchte. Durch die Aktualisierung auf WordPress 2.3 müssen auch noch einige Plugins aktualisiert werden, so funktioniert zum Bsp. das Archiv noch nicht richtig. Weiterhin habe ich kurzerhand gleich mal ein paar Plugins eliminiert. Ich hoffe meines kleines Design Refresh mag zu gefallen.

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50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006

Visit 50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006 | Smashing Magazine

Some of the designs are really awesome..i’m just thinking…changing my website design….Stop! There is no time and need to do that. I’m very happy with the current design.

Private Wordpress Statistics

December 2006 Hits
November 2006 9388 3645
October 2006 10655 6007
September 2006 8312 5425
August 2006 10569 7072
July 2006 4528 3016
June 2006 426 297

Not bad at all. But we should keep in mind, that estimated 80% of the traffic is generated by Spambots. The actual spam counter stands at 19,390. Unbelievable to be true.

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Clarification – visual design of is based on subtraction

I got a comment from a visitor that my sandbox theme for wordpress is copied based on the design from Khoi Vinh. That’s absolutely right! I never wanted to rip of his site and claim the credits for me. When i started with the redesign of my site, i tried to adapt his design as best as possible. I fall in love with hits brilliant black and white design when i first saw his site.
To state it clear: All credits for the visual design go to Khoi Vinh! I order to give all the credits to Khoi Vinh, i added a link to his site in the footer section.