Yes i can! revamped

Welcome to Version Xy. I really don’t know how often i have redesigned the site but it seems to be that i am somehow have an obsession for redesigning this site at least once a year. Good to know, that if i would not be working as a consultant I’m at least be able to work as webdesigner.
Last week i installed Xampp on a USB stick, copied all files incl. the database from my hosting account to the stick. I am now be able to work offline on my site when i am on the move. I played a little bit around with the design on the flight back to Munich on Friday and decided to spend some time at the weekend to work on the site. I sat down yesterday for about 6 yours and started to work on the site. All major changes are done already. A little bit of fine tuning here and there in the next couple of weeks.

I changed the overall blog layout a little bit. I moved the sidebar from the bottom of the page to right side and added some new widgets. I also changed the color palette and disabled some plugins that wasted a lot of resources. I hope you like the redesign. I would be happy if you leave me a message as a comment or in the sidebar.
Here is a another video of the day. It’s a piano version of Linkin Park “In the End” performed by David Side. Enjoy!


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