Me is renovating

As you have probably realized already, i’m doing another revamp of the site. Progress is a little bit slower than i like, but i need to earn for my living. My current project is going towards the end and the team is in crunch mode to put the last missing peaces together, prepare for the upcoming Steering Committee meetings and compile the major deliverable.

Regarding the revamp. I have some ideas in my mind. I planning to have a new landing page, and better integrate the content like youtube, flickr, or This site will become more like hub/stream of my activities. I have already integrated my Twitter stream as you can see. I really enjoy the time to play around with my blog. Helps me to keep up-to-date with the latest developments around web-technologies like HTML5 or Javascript and things node.js or Ruby on Rails. If i would have not studied Business Administration i would probably have gone for Software Engineering.

P.s. Anyone who knows a WordPress plugin that automatically creates links for keywords like twitter, node.js, javascript. I’m a little bit to lazy to create all the links manually.

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