Google Docs Offline Version

Google just released a offline version of Google Docs. It’s always impressive to see how fast Google is releasing updates and new applications.

I have upgraded this Blog over the weekend to the final WordPress 2.5 release. As far as i can see, everything is working fine. I’m very happy that all plugins and my customized theme are working without any glitches.

As promised, i added a new section called “Worth reading” below my Flickr the photo stream. In this section I link to interesting articles that i have discovered on the internet. The technical solution is quite simple, but very intriguing. I’m using the “share this item” feature of the Google Reader. This feature allows you to to share articles with your friends and the public. I simply embedded the RSS feed of the shared page here. Whenever i discover a interesting story on the web i will share it with you.

Btw. I stopped receiving spam by 100% (comments & trackbacks). How? Perhaps a few of you already have discovered it on the comments page, i have installed a captcha plugin. Frankly speaking, i was just tiered of comment spam.

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