Cellphone Makers Realize: It’s the Software, Stupid

Wired Magazine – Cellphone Makers Realize: It’s the Software, Stupid

To cut a long story short, the software running on a mobile terminal is becoming a key asset and a competitive advantage. From a technical perspective the iPhone is not rocket science. No 3G, no GPS, no WiMAX, no 3D chip, etc. The strength is the software running on the iPhone and the brilliant ideas behind the user interface. I mean, you could compare this step with the movement from Dos to Windows. Usability is a very big issue for the adaptation of the mobile Internet.

Worth to mentioned that three 800 pound gorillas are fighting for the domination of the smartphone OS.

  1. Nokia – Symbian
  2. Micorsoft – Windows MObile
  3. Google – Open Handset alliance

Do not under estimate the power of Google! Even if the Android OS is far from maturity, they could/will leverage their installed base of “cloud computing services” like Gmail, GTalk, Youtube, GMaps, etc.

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