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Deutsche Telekom launches Project “Helios” Open Platform similiar to BT Web21C SDK

Deutsche Telekom will launch a service creation platform for developers in the next couple of days, that is probably similar to the BT Web21C SDK. So far i have only seen this press release on the public internet. Here the official quote (in German):

Helios – Open Development. Helios öffnet Dienste der Deutschen Telekom zur Verwendung in Webanwendungen durch Drittanbieter. Ziel ist die Schaffung einfacher Schnittstellen für Entwickler, die diese Dienste zu neuen Angeboten kombinieren können. Ãœber das Developer Portal werden Entwickler Teil der Community, erhalten Zugang zu offenen Programmierschnittstellen und nutzen bei Bedarf das Software Development Kit.

The internal press release on the corporate Telekom intranet was also very short. Besides BT there are a couple of other carriers who have or plan to introduce such SDKs: Orange UK , Orange Isreal, Vodafone Betavine.

Google Android SDK

Other interesting SDK’s in the mobile arena are the upcoming Apple iPhone SDK and the already available Google Android SDK.

I think it’s a perfect testbed for so called meshup services. Developers can easily integrate telecommunication services (e.g. initiate a voice call, send a SMS) into their web applications. As soon as i get more information on the subject i’ll make an update. Stay tuned!

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