Pictures from Shanghai now online!

We are back in Hong Kong from our Trip to Shanghai. Fortunately our hotel offers a free wireless broadband connection. We are now able to upload all shanghai pictures in the next couple of days. Watch out for more pictures! Link to the Gallery









3 responses to “Pictures from Shanghai now online!”

  1. Mathias avatar

    Heyo, I see you put the pix up. I put the HKG pix up just now, you want them zipped as well for your site?

    I'll need to go to Shanghai next month as well I guess… =) Greetz, Mathias

  2. carlos dos Reis avatar
    carlos dos Reis

    Dear Sun,

    I am very happy to see you and I wish you a nice Holiday on the other side of the World. It is a nice photo from you on Bondie Beach, I like it very much.

    Your Dad,


  3. Mathias avatar

    Booked Shanghai tickets yesterday =) We'll go there beginning of November for a week!

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