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Google Photos is an amazing product. After Search, Gmail,(Google Drive; there is legitimate competition from Dropbox & MS) and Youtube, Google Photos is the next billion-user product for Google.

The USP and differentiator is the object & facial recognition technology. It’s scary how good it is already. Facial recognition is amazing and it not only works with photos but also with videos. It’s super convenient to search for “Jasper” “Snow” and within milliseconds I see the photos of my son from the winter holiday. Or jump back in time to a specific location, super easy with Google Photos. No manual tagging needed, no elaborated folder structure required.

Collecting vast amounts of data and organizing it is Google’s mission. I believe I read somewhere that per day 1.2 billion photos are uploaded. The computing and storage requirements must be gigantic. For $10 you get 2TB of storage now with the upgrade Google One Plans. That is a hell lot of space to store all your photos for the foreseeable future photos, and all of them will and need to be processed.

So far all my smartphone photos from the last 4-5 years are in Google Photos. It’s enticing to upload all digital photos that I have. There is a good amount of photos from my DSLR and the photos from the early years with a digital compact camera. They lack the geolocation data, unfortunately.

Another nice feature of Google Photos is the feature to share the entire library or parts of it automatically with a partner. That comes in pretty handy for families. The integration feature with Google Drive in both direction is another useful feature of Google Photos.

A question for sure is the price that we as users pay. Don’t be evil isn’t easy when the currency is user data and Google is getting a vast amount of private data from each users who uploads his photo library.


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The 11 Bad Habits Killing Innovation in Your Company

Taken from a guest post of Alexander Osterwalder on the blog of Steve Blank

  1. The current business model dominates the agenda
    “…managing the present often takes oxygen away from inventing the future” 
  2. One-size-fits-all decision making hurts speed & inventiveness
  3. Insisting on untested and detailed business plans 
    “Business plans actually maximize the risk of failure because of the focus on executing an unproven idea rather than testing it.”
  4. Opinions matter more than evidence 
  5. Outsourcing customer discovery and testing
    “You can’t hire outside professionals to test and learn from customer interactions and make decisions for you“
  6. Senior leadership too busy for hands-on innovation
    “…leaders have to be more than just sponsors of new business ideas. Decision makers are the ones who can make things happen.“
  7. Obsessing about competitors rather than customers
    “You can’t drive forward by looking in the rear view mirror.”
  8. Focus on technology risk at the expense of other risks
  9. Innovation is career limiting
    “…in most organizations any type of failure is seen as a negative for your career. …  prestige in companies is measured by who commands the largest budget and staff.”
  10. Innovation is siloed from Execution
    “…the execution engine deprives the innovators from access to valuable resources like customers, brand, or skills.”
  11. Integrating new ideas into the execution engine too quickly

    “New ideas are fragile and they need to be carefully nurtured and scaled before they are integrated into the execution engine with its rigid processes, key performance indicators rules, and procedures.”