The Munchery Model

Munchery is a full stack, end-to-end meal provider that specializes in delivery. It isn’t a restaurant and it isn’t a delivery service. It’s a whole new type of business that provides the quality of restaurant food with the convenience of ordering in. Using Munchery’s app or website, customers order from a daily changing menu. An average day might feature 50 unique items including entrees like spicy clam and chorizo pasta and chimichurri flank steak.

Before Munchery, a restaurant that offered this level of variety and culinary quality would have been very, very difficult to scale. Munchery addresses this by centralizing cooking into a single kitchen optimized for large quantities and investing in the latest cooking technology, such as programmable, WiFi-enabled, high-capacity ovens that use a combination of dry and moist heat. Technology like this automates the predictable, rote parts of cooking, which in turn allows Munchery chefs — drawn from top local talent — to focus on creating the best dishes possible.

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