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Salaam my friends. I fine tuned the site a little bit. The loading time was horrible over the last weeks. It tooks ages to load the whole site. First i thought that my hoster is the bottleneck but after checking some parameters & log files i quickly realized it must be an internal failure. So i decided to deactivate all wordpress plugins and try to find out which plugin is responsible for the delay. Bingo! Its my Statistic plugin. It took ages if the plugin is activated. Beside that the Theme K2 is  coming along with a large Java Script libary that is loaded if certain features are activated. I also disabled the interactive search and the Ajax commenting feature and now my site loads at blazing speeds on my computer. Perhaps someone in outta space can confirm this by simple leaving a comment. As you can see i also changed the layout again and added some
additional plugins on the sidebar.

Ok here comes a litte promotion for Matthias Blog. One of my buddies who is now living in Hong Kong. One of the most wonderful cities in the world. Never seen so much skycrapers in one place. My next trip to Hong Kong is scheduled for Q3-Q4 this year.


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