I’m still alive

It’s definitely time to post something. I’m still alive. The last posts is several weeks old – or should i say months. I was a little bit lazy to post regular updates to the Site. It’s always a question of self-motivation. After working the whole day on client stuff, i’m most often not in the mood to write a novel.

Ok, to keep it short. I’m back in Teheran again for the last phase of the project. As always on a project, the last week will be very demanding. Finishing and polishing all the stuff. Prepare the presentations & reports for the final meeting. Incorporate the latest customer feedback.

I’ll be back on eastern. Stay tuned.

1 thought on “I’m still alive”

  1. … I figured you would have all the time in the world over there as the next club/bar/mall or any other "civilized hang-out" is about 2,000 miles away 😉

    Just kidding, thanks for keeping us in the loop. Talk soon, Mato

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