Microsoft is making a loss of almost $300 per Xbox360?!

It’s sounds a little bit crazy what is just read on HardwareHell. But they claim, that a source at IBM whispered them quietly that Microsoft is loosing a hell out of money – exactly more then $300 with every Xbox360 sold! That’s very large number in comparison to the first numbers that were circulating on the world wide web.
According to this article from November – the total bill of materials (BOM) cost for the Xbox 360 Premium reaches $525. Which number is right? Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Xbox  Material Cost split

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Frische Ware installiert und extra Bilder

uss_valiant writes “From the Gallery website: “We are incredibly pleased to announce the release of Gallery 2.0! Over three years of design and development have gone into creating the best online photo management product possible. Gallery 2.0 is the natural successor to Gallery 1, and we hope that you like what you see. Don’t wait, download Gallery 2 now!” From a developers point of view, the Gallery 2 framework is particularly interesting because it’s written with modern programming patterns (OOP, extreme programming, test driven development, MVC, factories, modularity, …) in mind which is rather unusual for PHP based projects. Over 1500 unit tests ensure correct functionality and its architecture is really impressive.” []