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The Battle begins – Microsoft (HD DVD) vs. Sony (Blu-Ray)

This might be one of the most interesting strategic games in the next couple of years. Which of the nextgen High-Definition formats will win the race? Is it Microsofts HD DVD Format or will Sony’s Blu-Ray be dominating.

There is news article on that Microsoft “is muscling into the optical-disk fray by leveraging its operating-system clout to bundle HD-DVD within Vista, the company’s next-generation OS.” Nice strategic move. MS can try to leverage it’s market power in the market for operating systems with the roll-out of their upcoming OS called Vista.
Sony vs. Microsoft

If you want to dig a little bit deeper into the battle of formats then you should also visit They are providing some background informations about the Home entertainment strategy of MS and Sony. The high stakes they are both playing with their next generation console systems. Remember the huge subsidies for every Xbox360 console. There are some rumors floating around on the Inet, that Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) may cost twice as much as the Xbox 360! Crazy.


Microsoft is making a loss of almost $300 per Xbox360?!

It’s sounds a little bit crazy what is just read on HardwareHell. But they claim, that a source at IBM whispered them quietly that Microsoft is loosing a hell out of money – exactly more then $300 with every Xbox360 sold! That’s very large number in comparison to the first numbers that were circulating on the world wide web.
According to this article from November – the total bill of materials (BOM) cost for the Xbox 360 Premium reaches $525. Which number is right? Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Xbox  Material Cost split