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Google Talk und was noch alles kommen mag

Nachdem ich ja gestern relativ zeitig bereits die Meldung gebracht habe über die Spekulation das Google am heutigen Mittwoch einen Instant Messager mit VoIP Funktionalität releasen wird, will ich kurz noch mal ein paar Ideen und Gedanken zu dem Theme darstellen.

+++Update+++ Google Talk bereits gelaunched
Tja, da war ich wohl etwas zu langsam. Google hat bereits Nägeln mit Köpfen gemacht und seinen Instant Messenger Dienst gelaunched. Für Google Talk wird eine Gmail Adresse benötigt. Meine Idee mit der Integration in Gmail erhält damit natürlich einen neuen Nährboden. Ich werde bei Zeiten mir das Produkt/Dienst mal etwas genauer ansehen um dann das ganze auch vernünftig Kommentieren zu können.

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SkypeJournal: First little Review on Google Talk

Is it all over for Skype? As Google Talk launched tonight with an Orkuttian viral shove provided by Gmail. At first glance it could be Skype’s worst nightmare or the kick start necessary to refocus Skype. If you missed the buzz, Google Talk is the long awaited and predicted IM / Voice client. It won’t be over for awhile and the battle will take to the trenches with Yahoo, MSN and AOL battling to the end. This is a first salvo. Don’t expect Google’s feature set additions to follow Skype’s path immediately to Telecom as Google has other opportunities sitting there within its empire. These are my first impressions.

Link: Google Talk Skype Killer?

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Speculation: Google to Deliver Instant Messages

“According to a person who has seen the service, Google plans to let users chat using more than just their keyboards. Like similar programs from competitors, Google Talk also will let computer users with a headset have voice conversations with other computer users with headsets, this person said.One source said Google intended to release the product Wednesday. Another source did not know when Google planned to release Google Talk, but said the company had been testing the service for at least a month.A spokeswoman for Mountain View, Calif.-based Google said early Monday that the company planned to release a new product this week. She declined later in the day to say whether that product was Google Talk.”

Source: Google to Deliver Instant Messages