Market Crash 2020

The stock market is in free fall. In addition to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we now also have a price war in the oil market. Feels like the perfect storm.

How quick will we go back to “normal”? How much have global supply chains been disrupted? How much are people afraid to travel? What we know, there is a lot of uncertainty.

This is the fourth crash that I experience. The first one was the burst of the dot com bubble in 2000, then came September 11 in 2001, followed by the financial crisis in 2008 and today. I don’t count Black Monday in 1987 as I was just 9 years old.

I was about to liquidate my entire portfolio around 4 weeks ago. I not followed my instinct and was happy to see that the market rally continued.

I’m long in equities. The markets will recover and the next virus will come.

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