My Top 10 Mobile (Android) Apps

  1. Swiftkey – I can type five times faster with this keyboard
  2. Gmail – Good widget, perfect usability
  3. Pocket – Great for offline & later reading
  4. Camera360 – Large varierty of filters
  5. Foursquare – Perfect app to discover places
  6. MixCloud – Fantastic selection of electronic dance music, the App itself is medicore
  7. Nova Launcher – Perfect customization features
  8. Chrome – Fast, Sync across devices, again perfect usability
  9. Poweramp – Best Music player, features, widget, album cover art
  10. Twitter – Fast, good usability, covers my use cases

These are just the first 10 Apps that jumped into my mind. There are a lot of other great apps that i’m using like Dropbox, Tumblr, TuneIn Radio, Youtube, CamSCanner, Skype (has a stability issue), etc. Real differentiator on Android are Swiftkey and Nova Launcher.

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