Moved to tumblr.

I decided to move by private blog from a self hosted WordPress installation to tumblr. I prefer tumblr for a couple of reasons:

   – Great selection of well designed themes
   – Tumblr is more appropriate for my kind of content “snack” posting with a pre-configured set of content types
   – Less hassle with keep my wordpress installation up-to-date
   – Great tumblr mobile app

A huge drawback is the lack of a importing function. Migrating a WordPress installation into tumblr is not straightforward unfortunately. Tumblr itself doesn’t provide any out of the box import feature. There are a couple of script based solution (python, php, rails) available on e.g. Github, but that’s not as easy as it should be. Therefore you do not have access to the old content from my blog. I will to some investigation and see if i can find a easy solution to import the content. 

For the moment this is just a try. My old wordpress blog will be parked for the moment.

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