Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-21

  • It's the Economy, Dummkopf! | Business | Vanity Fair via @VanityFair #
  • AWS expands direct connectivity, first #Level3 now #Level3 Bolster security. One argument less for telco cloud computing. #
  • BF3 latest video. 2 minutes of glorious. BF3 is like the launch of the iPhone. Redefining the industry. 🙂 #
  • "IT outsourcers & SIs – primary players in today’s IT industry – will undergo a massive change as the cloud expands." #
  • Chrome extension "Awesome Screenshot" messes with Google search results Say hello to amazon affiliate model #
  • Wer glaubt eigentlich ernsthaft das Griechenland, Ireland, Spanien, Italien… jemals ihre Schulden zurückzahlen werden können? #
  • Wir Deutschen sind ja Systemanbieter. Erst Bail-Out und dann drehen wir dem Schuldner Made in Germany an. #
  • "Apple’s Mac sales continue to grow and have outpaced the rest of the PC industry for 21 consecutive quarters." #
  • E-commerce is still less than 5% of retail sales – via @splatf #
  • 10 Android apps account for 43pc of usage – Telegraph via @Telegraph #
  • The market has no confidence in the new strategy of HP. HPQ down 20%. Crazy times. Nokia, HP, Motorola…things are changing rapidly. #
  • Jaytech & James Grant – Anjunadeep 03 – #iTunes #

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