Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-14

  • Keine Party ohne Überraschung. Sowie dieser geniale Titel "Du hast gewärmt wie alter Whisky". #
  • 1/3 of all respondents said they would be more willing to give up sex for a week than relinquish their mobile phone. #
  • Fail telco inorganic innovation. 'BT kills Ribbit’s web phone platform, sends customers to the fast-growing Twilio' #
  • Nokia exec: Android and iPhone focus on the app is “outdated” @venturebeat. Talk is cheap, execution matters. Let see #
  • Learning a lot about cloud computing.On of the hottest topics in the ICT industry. A new world, with new players and a lot of M&A activities #
  • I should become a day trader. I mean you need some nerves these days, but that makes it interesting. I'll bet tomorrow Wallstreet will up. #
  • RT @wiwo: Google-Server in Europa vor US-Regierung nicht sicher #
  • Angry Birds Lay Golden Eggs: Rovio Worth $1.2 Billion? Nice valuation #
  • ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie 2011: "Fernsehinhalte im Internet in Deutschland immer beliebter" Eine völlige Überraschung. #
  • Anyone with a BOM table comparing the iPhone4 and the iPod touch? BOM for iPhone4 is $187.51 (16G). Like to know how much the difference is. #

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