I don’t if i have mentioned it already,…

I don’t know if i have mentioned it already, but “Trance Around the World” Podcast from Above & Beyond is simply awesome. I could listened to it over and over and every week there is a new one.

Btw. One comment to the new iPhone 4. I might join the Apple camp, a masterpiece of engineering. Love the retina display and the HD video recording capabilities. Why the heck is it not possible to have a different OS. Apple HW and Google OS would be a dream. Let’s wait, in 3-5 years the Mobile market might heading in the same direction as the Wintel model.

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Well. it will be possible to run Chrome on the iPhone 4 eventually. There's iDroid.

But Google Software on Apple Hardware would definitely be a nightmare! Apple's great user experience and thus their whole success is based on the tight integration of hardware and software. The latter even includes online services nowadays (think App Store, iTunes Store etc..).
Anyways, it's great to see a prospering competition between Android and iOS. It's only good for us consumers.

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