Back in Saudi

Back in Saudi Arabia. I think it’s more than two years ago since my last visit. It’s always¬† a very special experience traveling to Saudi. This is not the typical travel destination, besides for making the pilgrimage to mecca. Getting a visa is quite difficult. You need a offical invitation from a local sponsor, some kind of official letter from the German trade chamber (if i’m correct) and only then you can apply for a business visa.

On the way from the airport to the hotel i discovered some new construction sites. One main project currently under construction is the King Abdullah Financial district. The other huge project is the new University Princess Noura bint AbdulRahman University for Women. Both are $ USD billion projects.

Below a photo from the view of the Kingdom Tower. You can see down town Riyadh an the Al Faisaliah Tower in the background. Blue sky, a few clouds and a clear view. Sorry for the low quality shot, but my business cellphone lacks a decent camera.

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