You asked why Apple was so silent about …

You asked why Apple was so silent about Apple TV? You wondered what their strategy is to capture a bigger share of the growing video on demand (VOD) market? To shed some light on it, the WSJ reports that Apple is in talks with big media companies to negotiate license deals for a subscription based VOD service.

When looking at the big picture, video is just one component of a much much bigger market. I’m pretty sure that in the long term the Apple TV will be a major pillar in Apple’s strategy to compete for the Networked Home / Home Entertainment market.
The players that are competing in this area are all heavyweights – Sony (PS3, Connected TVs), Microsoft (Xbox360, Mediacenter), Telcos & Cablecos (STBs), Apple (Apple TV) and some smaller startup players like Boxee. Who is missing? Google. That’s an interesting question by the way.

How does Google want to position themselves without a Hardware business in the Home Network/Entertainment market? The majority of the players above have a closed shop approach. “Open” STBs like Boxee or Internet enabled TVs that integrate various Over-the-top (video) services are a fragile path for Google to enter the living room.

Perhaps i will elaborate further on this topic in a future blog posts.

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Ja, allerdings ist Google damit direkt abhängig von den Implementierungen der Endgeräte Hersteller. Wenn Google auf Youtube kommerzielle Filme vermarkten möchte, wird eine DRM Lösung benötigt. Das muss dann "mühsam" über Plugins nach installiert werden. Das Endgerät muss sowas unterstützen.
Andere Anwendungsszenarien wie die STB als Home Storage, Streaming Server, WLAN Router zu nutzen, sind ohne eigene HW schon wesentlich schwieriger abzubilden.

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