PeekFON – Pre-Paid Push Email (incl. Roaming in EU)

Pro Arguments:

  • Attractive Price point (99€ for 6 months incl. roaming charges and the device) and tariff structure (simple and flat without any footnotes) for Push email service
  • Possibility to integrate other popular messaging services like Twitter or Status updates on Facebook

Con Arguments:

  • Another extra device (Cellphone for Voice, MP3 Player for Music and now a dedicated Device for Email); now i need to manage my contacts on two devices (it is not mentioned if the device is capable of synchronizing my gmail contacts), i need to carry a second power charger, another service charge per month (people might have a contract with a MNO already)…
  • Majority of the people who are traveling on a regular basis (every 3 months) are Business Professionals or People who have enough money to pay for roaming charges. Corporate customers have special requirements in terms of security, administration, etc.

Short: I’m a little bit skeptical that this will be huge success in Europe.

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