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The Next Big German Startup?


A few blog entries ago i have covered a short story about a new german startup company that is claiming to be “The Next Big Web 2.0 Thing“. I also mentioned that i know the team who is behind the cryptic internet url and i know what they are working on. Therefore i had a lot of fun, when i stumbled upon this blog entry called » The Next Big German Startup?


The domain name borders on arrogant, but is nevertheless quite intriguing. One reason I am particularly interested in this startup is because a few of my contacts in the Berlin startup scene have heard through the grapevine that these guys have a good team and are well financed. They have a team co-led (or led?) by a Mato Peric of Frankfurt.

I remember that there is a tune from Public Enemy called “Don’t believe the hype”. Or should we? Stay tuned and visit my blog regularly in order to stay informed. Perhaps next time i’m able to reveal more details.

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