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Genial: Fullscreen Video Streaming flüssig

Auf gibt es einen Link zu einem 9-minütigen Trailer Preview des Films Serenity der in den amerikanischen Kinos grade angelaufen ist. Als Promotion Maßnahme stellt Universal einen Live Preview Stream des Films ins Internet, der zu meinem Erstaunen, absolut flüssig lief und auch von der Auflösung recht ansprechend ist.

An anonymous reader writes “As reported on, Universal is attempting further promotion of the sci-fi action film Serenity by making the first 9 minutes of the movie available online. The clip contains the opening backstory that sets an Alliance assassin on the trail of the ship’s crew; it’s an effective hook. On Yahoo movies, Serenity is ranked as the number 1 film currently in theaters and is hanging in a top-ten spot in the highest rated movies of all time. Slashdot has previously covered Orson Scott Card’s review, the film’s opening, an interview with Joss Whedon, and much more. It’s all out of love…” []

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